Imported Marble in India

Imported Marble in India

Marble is the form of calcite and dolomite termed as Metamorphic Rock. Marble is widely used in Flooring, Sculptures, Building Material, and Artificial Products etc. In India, every region has its unique specialty for marbles and hence more than 1000 types of marble varieties are available all over India.

Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. – Imported marble in India


They are in different forms that consist of change in color that’s the reason Marble have got regional names based on region and color.

Like in Rajasthan widely available marbles are Agaria, Makrana and many more. If we discuss about Marble Applications then Countertops designed by Marble and Granite both looks very beautiful and attractive.

Now-a-days people are very fond of marbles and granites which draw attention of the guests specially.

Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. – White marble in India


If we talk about Italian Marble which is worldwide famous then some names come in our mind which are popular Italian Marbles which are Carrara marble, Dyna Marble, Myra Beige Marble, Perlato Sicilia, Red Levanto, Red Travertine, Bottocino Marble and many more.

Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. – Italian marble in India

People choose Marbles based on their reflection, amplification of light and most importantly color. Housewives prefer kitchen countertops to be Black or White. Bathroom Countertops are preferred to be colorful like Red Levanto or Cram Color that gives a soothing feeling in bathroom.


Tripura Stones Pvt. Ltd. – Indian granite in India

Tripura Stones being in the Marble Industry have strong roots over Imported Marble especially Italian Marble. Our variety of Marble availability is the reason for our good position in Market and with this Quality and Service also adds up for the success story of Tripura Stones.



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Mob.: +91-9414101263


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